Even so, the information presented at the conference itself was still the highlight of the trip. We’re excited to announce FullStack2gether, to be held on Saturday 15th at Skills Matter’s home, CodeNode. #FullStack2gether is organized 10 Best HTML & CSS books for developers in 2021 by Skills Matter and the Community. Together, we will host a day-long event with a few workshops and challenges. We’re excited to announce FullStack2gether, to be held on Saturday 14th July at Skills Matter’s home, CodeNode.

Workshop choices are AngularJS workshop and Ionic Framework workshop. Ng-conf is a great place to re-unite and re-engage your dispersed team. We offer discounted block pricing starting with our 10 ticket bundle, and provide optional conference rooms for your own internal break out sessions.

Covering Angular 1.x, 2,

There were numerous references to the benefits devs will see by using Angular 2.0. It’s going to be screaming fast, proving in a demo to be even faster than React, the framework that Facebook created. Rather than a digest cycle, Angular 2.0 will work from a top-down, tree-like parsing algorithm, which should increase performance by more than 30%.

Micro-service based systems are rapidly gaining traction in the industry. A vast chasm between the Design/UX team and the engineers building out a new CMS. You have plenty of safeguards against attempts on your applications’ user data.

  • The result is a feature that meets the business owner’s expectations with happy side effects such as the code being clean, well designed, understandable, fully tested and documented.
  • Kelly J Andrews is a developer advocate and has been tinkering with computers fo…
  • In this talk, Jack will share with you how it is possible to architect and write complex client side JavaScript applications in ECMAScript 6 today, despite a lack of implementations across browsers.
  • Steve works at SpeedCurve on the interplay between performance and design.

Justin is a Lead Engineer at SoCreate building screenwriting software and a Pluralsight author. Brad is an engineering director at Google where he manages development of the AngularJS framework and Google’s internal sales productivity products. With the Node.js module, Metalsmith, you will learn the advantages of static site generation. David will share with you ideal usages, simple customisation examples and more. As the complexity of the web apps you build keeps moving, so do the Chrome DevTools.

In this talk, Jack will share with you how it is possible to architect and write complex client side JavaScript applications in ECMAScript 6 today, despite a lack of implementations across browsers. You will discover how to use libraries like SystemJS and Babel to enabling you to seamlessly write… The performance of your application affects your business more than you might think. Top engineering organizations think of performance not as a nice-to-have, but as a crucial feature of their product.

The first levels use Blockly, with routes and concepts getting harder as students progress, and in later levels they move on to Python. He has a strong passion for automation, tiny modules, and tools and events that make development accessible for more people. You will discover how to generate one-time passwords and implement 2FA in your applications, and hear the only real-life compelling use case for QR codes. Learn how to evaluate performance and scalability on the server-side and the client-side with tools like Siege, Locust.io, Bees with Machine Guns, Google PageSpeed, WBench, and more.

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Both the technology and the support networks have been built up to make experimenting with it again a pleasure, not a pain. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to create good-looking, responsive websites in no time. And all that without writing a single line of CSS or JS. You will learn how to implement an optimized, zero-conf, fault-tolerant, distributed scaling solution that plays extremely well with the microservices architecture. Niya has worked in the tech field as a designer and developer for over 6 years.

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There may also be adjustments to the program based on COVID measures. The event is international and all sessions will be in English. Ng-conf Kids The kids track is for children of attendees. This program runs all day Thursday and Friday for children ages K-8 and will introduce them to the fundamentals of computer science. Join our exclusive newswire for speaker announcements, workshops, sessions info and all the latest ng-conf info. Or maybe you are an employer looking for the best JavaScript developers on the market?

Much of the attention these days in the client and serverside JS stack surrounds the use of various frameworks, tools, testing, performance, and the connected, streaming, reactive world of the web. Tomasz takes part in international projects from financial and data analysis sectors, currently working in Cybercom Poland as Senior Software Consultant. After work, he makes presentations and workshops on JavaScript, Python and Java related technologies. Additionally, Tomasz is the co-author and maintainer of JSON-Schema-Faker project. Modern frontend is a great ocean of emerging tools that developers often don’t know how to combine, or cause to co-operate effectively. Truly scalable interface architecture is quite a new topic, still being discussed, and as yet there is no ultimate stack of software that solves most business cases.

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Only a few short years ago, the development world were excited about WebRTC and proclaiming how awesome it was. Before that, he wrote compilers and 3D graphics software for a range of companies – including Altera, Nokia, Lloyds Register, Microsoft, Collabora, and Curtiss Wright. Just using these tools on their own can lead to unnecessary complexity that can be hard to understand or avoid. So let’s set aside discussions of the language syntax or capabilities and focus on what is important – delivering value to the customer.

Richard founded the Internet startup Ricebridge.com in 2003. He subsequently joined the Telecommunication Software and Systems Group and became CTO of one of its successful spin-off companies, FeedHenry Ltd. Hoodie is of course true open source, not encumbered with venture capital and built by a diverse community with the world in mind. He graduated from Applied Computing at the University of Dundee with a 1st.

  • His goal is building high-quality technological content, with particular emphasis on React and Ruby on Rails.
  • Dylan Beattie is a consultant, software developer and international keynote speaker.
  • He’s the director of Ursatile, an independent consultancy based in London that specialises in helping organisations bridge the knowledge gap between software development and business strategy.
  • #FullStack2gether is organized by Skills Matter and the Community.

The hapi framework is well suited to power sites, services, and many things in between. In this workshop you will learn how to get started using hapi. After you have got started you will build out a dashboard for monitoring sensors. The dashboard will be powered using nes and will be connected to… The result is a feature that meets the business owner’s expectations with happy side effects such as the code being clean, well designed, understandable, fully tested and documented.

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While studying he developed his own computer games and taught students in the year below, so the Code for Life work builds on old hobbies for him. Join Christos Matskas as he gives an introduction to TypeScript and shares with you how to leverage its powerful features to develop scalable, modular and powerful code. Let Stephan share 12 Tips When Designing for Fintech Companies with you how to write confidence-inspiring modules with breaking change detection and fully automated, tested releases, including changelogs. Machines do a way better job with this than buggy humans. With this talk you will discover how to identify this species of coder and what you can do to defend yourself against them.

  • I’m Jarel, a full stack developer from Auburn, AL. I’m married to my wife, …
  • Slot games are a big part, or, rather, are the workhorses of the industry.
  • You should gain an understanding of how to construct a development toolchain for micro-service development in a fun and challenging setting.

By the time of this conference, at least another 15,000 will have been added…. In this talk you will learn how to use ES6 in your client code, as well in your tests, and in your NodeJS code. In this talk, Jolyon will cover how a team of two prototypers transformed the lives of the design/UX team giving them a tool to experiment and… Learn how to write JavaScript for microcontrollers with the Espruino Pico board. There will be a brief walkthough on how to get started with Espruino, followed by a hack session with robots, lights, motors, sensors, displays, and radio modules.

However as part of it David Mark created bespoke-to-pdf, and has been in talks with the author of Bespoke about integrating a follow up module (bespoke-pdf) into the core of Bespoke. At Hannes’ department they are deeply in love with new technologies and they try to be as progressive as possible. Node.js/io.js, Ruby on Rails, Continuous Delivery with docker, agile workflows and all the stuff you have never heard of during your computer science classes, are part of their identity.

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You will leave this talk with a better sense of the latest tooling that makes working in ES6 much easier than many imagine, and with a greater understanding of some of the new features of the language. What practices have been successful for the firms with mature software security initiatives. You might have played with the technology a couple of years ago, https://bitcoin-mining.biz/ only to find the extra infrastructure requirements were painful to implement and poorly documented. This probably left a bitter taste in your mouth, especially when things went wrong. In this talk Matt will revisit with you the look and behaviour of interface elements without the constraints of fashion. You’ll put an end to ‘ease-in’ and its evil lethargy.